Courtyard House

The site is in proximity to three other houses, two are brothers of the client and one belongs to a friend. The house is to be designed so as to respect the privacy of these families while providing private open space for its occupants.

It is therefore single story and carefully designed to make well orientated private outdoor spaces.

The house draws inspiration from a number of sources, most notably from the farmyards and clusters of cottages and out-buildings that dot the Irish countryside.

Internally our clients wanted a house that feels open and airy, relating in scale and form to traditional cottages yet contemporary in feel. It is designed to maximise the use of the internal spaces with spare bedrooms doubling as rooms with day to day functions.

It has a simple rendered finish. It is highly insulated and aims to achieve good passive solar gain from the large south-west facing windows.

Its enclosing wall creates a sheltered micro-climate in order to maximise out door living.

Foxford, County Mayo