Home-Grown Home

The Home Grown Home is a a social housing scheme in Dublin, the first of its kind in Ireland. It will be driven by the needs of people, not the market. 

The idea is to provide a low cost way of achieving these goals that also builds skills, friendships and self reliance . The idea is that in building the homes, the new homeowners build themselves up too.

The two-storey houses are oriented towards the view so back gardens and bedrooms are south-facing.  At the front, a small public space is made with a clear sense of identity and overlooked by the new houses to enhance the public realm and foster a sense of community.

Inside the houses, the living, dining and kitchen areas can be organised in different ways to suit the needs of the occupants. The first floor accommodates three bedrooms with a generous landing may be configured in a number of ways as suits the home owner. 

Open Architects & Dominic Stevens Architects

Shankhill, Dublin 18