Located between the busy Co. Meath village of Ashbourne and the M2, the residential development at Millbourne is a high density (47 dwellings per hectare) residential development of 286 dwellings.  There are a wide variety of dwelling types, scales and sizes in this new neighbourhood, ranging from single storey dwellings to four storey apartment blocks and a great range of family homes.

Construction commenced on this site in 2007, immediately prior to the collapse of the housing market in Ireland. It is a testament to the quality and tenacity of our client that they continued to build, if at a much reduced rate, throughout the recession, and are now completing the development at a rapid pace.  JFOC Architects were one of the first companies to successfully act as Assigned and Design Certifier under the new Building Control (Amendment) Regulations on behalf of our clients for this development.

286 Units

Ashbourne, County Meath


Merville Homes Ltd.


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