JFOC Architects

JFOC Architects was founded in 1987 and is owned and managed by John O’Connor, Dominic Stevens & Claire McManus. Our team includes Nora Shortall, David Jones, Mike O’Dell, James D’Arcy, Stephen Allen, Bébhinn Smith, & Mary Kelly.

As a design-led practice with strong technical competencies, we specialise in large-scale housing with over nine thousand high-quality housing units delivered to date and a further fifteen hundred dwellings currently on site or in the design and planning process. Our other specialisations include commercial, public and religious buildings.

The practice is involved in ongoing research projects as well as guiding the profession. Dominic lectures at the Dublin School of Architecture, TUD (formerly DIT); and is a member of ARENA, the European architectural research network. Claire is the RIAI Spokeswoman on Housing and is a sitting member of the RIAI Council. She holds an MBA and is involved in the research and the development of RIAI policy with respect to Housing and Building Control.