Days before Christmas 1999, JFOC Architects lodged the largest residential planning application in Irish history with Fingal County Council. Construction of the 2119 dwellings began in 2000, and was ultimately completed in 2012.  In addition to the new residential communities, the developers undertook an integrated community development approach and an additional 9000m² of neighbourhood retail space, 3 schools, a large public park, a 4 star hotel and a new sewage and road system have all been completed.  Tyrrelstown is now home to over 5500 people.

JFOC Architects took an innovative approach to the design of Tyrrelstown to achieve a sustainable and coherent community, including research into Essex Design Guide strategies.  The objective of the large scale development was to provide new, clearly defined, distinctive neighbourhood areas linked to a looped, deliberately indirect road system; forming convenient, safe and pleasant neighbourhood areas with their own characteristic and interconnecting streetscapes. The provision of these attractive quality environments has created ‘a sense of place’ and achieved a well-integrated community.

Designed long before the publication of DMURS, the fully permeable development of streets prioritising the needs of pedestrians and cyclists and accommodating safe vehicular movement consistent was truly innovative.  The tree-lined boulevard with formal three storey built frontages and no vehicular access to the front was one of the main features of the development.  Car parking is provided to the rear of these dwellings in a ‘mews-court’ type arrangement.  The boulevard road was also designed for the maximum practical penetration of buses to encourage the use of public transport at all the neighbourhood areas, which are now served by Dublin Bus.

Particular emphasis was placed on the design and provision of a wide range of more than forty dwelling types - from 1 bedroom apartments to 4 bedroom detached dwellings. The wide frontages and shallow depths of the building forms allowed for good natural light penetration into dwellings.  Internal layouts were simple, uncomplicated and adaptable.  The assemblage of building forms including occasional three storey dwellings outside the boulevard in prominent positions (to give emphasis to the streetscapes) coupled with hard and soft landscaping in the public areas creates visual interest and relief.

2119 Units

Tyrrelstown, Dublin 15

1998 - 2012

Twinlite Developments Ltd.


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